Regulatory Controlling

The increasing complexity of regulatory requirements and the additional costs involved have a massive impact on the profitability of all (German) banks. As a result, the allocation of resources within institutions will inevitably shift towards a greater focus on successfully fulfilling mandatory tasks. Therefore, in order to ensure the institutions’ long-term success in a challenging environment, it is essential that regulatory aspects are taken into account for all further developments in the banking industry. In this respect, global management can be considered as a management loop implying regulatory indicators. For that reason, regulatory management has become a core function of strategic bank management.

Optimizing Bank management through the integration of regulatory aspects!

Regulatory Controlling (RC) combines the contents of classical controlling with the increasing regulatory requirements and the necessity of permanently supplementing bank management with regulatory indicators. The regulatory issues and corporate divisions are brought in line with the core parameters for financial and operational health (e.g., earnings, risk, liquidity, solvency, strategic leverage, ...).

Regulatory Controlling can be used to identify interdependencies, conflicting goals and spill-over effects in order for them to be included in decision making as well as planning processes. All insights, results and findings gained in the course of performing regulatory tasks are actively incorporated into management processes and thus have a direct impact on business model and business strategy in terms of risk strategy. This approach allows a continuous optimization of management processes and provides a stronger foundation for strategic decision making.

Regulatory Controlling leads to cost reduction in the long run!

The interdisciplinary integration of supervisory topics and the proactive handling of regulatory tasks results in increasing acceptance and transparency in context of the implementation of regulatory reporting processes. The effective and efficient integration of reporting processes and control measures minimizes additional expenses. Exploiting synergies in the collection and use of data as well as in the IT infrastructure leads to sustained cost reductions and creates competitive advantages.

Your benefits:

We have the necessary experience and expertise at all levels of regulatory requirements and processes.

Sow the seeds for a forward-looking management!

Regulatory Controlling supports you in this context:

  • Incorporate the results and insights gained in the course of meeting regulatory requirements into your business and risk strategies
  • Identify strategically relevant interdependencies and visualize regulatory effects

You gain by:

  • optimized processes and reduced expenses
  • improved decision making and increased efficiency
  • reinforced risk/ return management


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