Money Market Statistics

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The Eurozone Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) requires a comprehensive set of underlying data to make it possible to identify cross-national risks in good time. With a view to providing analytical and statistical support to the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) in the performance of their duties, the ECB has imposed standardised, wide-ranging and detailed reporting requirements on the institutions concerned via the national central banks.  

For the affected institutions, identifying reporting requirements and developing a reporting procedure tailored to them represents a huge challenge. We can provide you with support in this - based on our many years of experience.

Current Reporting Requirements

On 26th November 2014, the Governing Council of the ECB adopted a regulation (EZB/2014/48) concerning statistics on the money markets. This regulation, which came into effect on 1th January 2015, requires the financial institutions concerned to identify and to provide regular reports on secured and unsecured money market transactions as well as on derivatives in the money market. The first reports have to be submitted to the Bundesbank (German Federal Bank) from 1th April 2016.

SKS provides solutions

The SKS Group has expertise based on many years of working in the industry and system environments concerned and can provide you with support in the identification of the required data sources as well as in the setting up of the related processes within an appropriate reporting architecture up to complete solution based on the SAP software module iBS Money Market Statistics (iBS-MMS).

We can provide specific support in the following areas:

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